My Story

If you’re reading this, we’re already friends. 🙂 I’m hoping that as this blog grows & I have the chance to expand my ideas more, maybe you’ll get something out of it as well — (wishful thinking, I know).

So, here’s a word or two about how I got here.

I’ve always loved writing & seeing ideas come together – In high school, I started my first blog. It was a combination of journal-like entries, photos, playlists, & anything else that might have grabbed my attention at the time. Having a blog made me cool. 😉

Fast-forward to college, where I spent a semester or two feeling out of place. After years of being involved on the same sports teams, with the same group of friends, in the town where both my parents had grown up in, coming to a big university like UConn was a culture shock, to say the least. It wasn’t until I started to focus on my own health & happiness (mainly by training for races), that I finally found my people & my place on campus.

My junior year is when things really started to come together. During the fall semester, I joined CHAARG, which stands for Changing Health, Attitudes & Actions to Recreate Girls – a national health & fitness organization geared toward empowering women to embrace a lifestyle of wellness & meet others who share this same mindset. From there, I started diving into the world of wellness bloggers – I followed social media influencers like The Balanced Blonde & Yoga Girl religiously & wanted to inspire others to feel good about themselves the way that they’d helped me.

Meanwhile, I was in the toughest months of nursing school – early mornings at the hospital followed by all-day classes & late nights in the library studying. I’d lost the balance between work, play, & general sanity in my life that I needed. This led to massive bouts of anxiety: panic attacks, feeling low, & grasping for something to help me feel grounded again. After dedicating myself to a future career in caring for others, it was hard for me to take a step back & realize that I’d need to focus on myself, first.

In the spring, I started writing for the CHAARG blog. I wrote about everything wellness-related – running tips, sleep schedules, hygge, & kombucha, to name a few. I also helped create an independent study in my nursing program, Holistic Therapies Explored, where we learned about & experienced treatments like healing touch, Reiki, & aromatherapy. I was finally doing something I felt passionate about – positive experiences like these tend to have a domino-effect.

The Fit Nurse is a new way to continue my wellness journey. I use this space to reflect on & share my experiences, but I hope that you find something to relate to & comfort in knowing that we all live through the highs & lows together. There’s no one, right way to becoming your best self. This blog, & my path, is a work in progress. 🙂

x Lyss

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