Fallin’ For You: Five Ways To Change Up Your Routine This Season

This year, I’m using my time wisely — or trying to, at least. In a perfect world, I’d easily let go of every awkward conversation or embarrassing stumble outside of the bar. I’d wake up early, drink green juice, & cut ties with people who no longer serve me or my happiness. But… Some things are easier said than done. As I look outside, Fall is approaching & the world is changing around me. Why am I still stuck in my old ways?

When the leaves go from green to vibrant orange and yellow, then back to brown & fall at my feet, I imagine myself also shedding my own skin — baring my soul & ready to turn in whatever direction the winds take me next. If you’re looking for fun ways to embrace the season (or ways to embrace a new you), check out these picks I’ve added to my own Fall bucket-list. 😉


Every year I say I’m going to do this, but very rarely (maybe once as a child) does this happen. Plus, this gives me an opportunity to get some exercise in while wearing a walking boot & snap lots of Fall-themed pics with friends. I’m learning that while I can no longer spend my weekends running 10+ miles at a time, sometimes laughter is all I need for my heart to feel just as happy.


Collage is something I used to be way into, but I always found myself buying new journals faster than I could fill them up. To get back in touch with my creative side, I’ve thought about ditching mod podge glue & high school magazine clippings in favor of a more natural design concept. Pressing fall leaves or flowers into a book gives me both something to focus my mind on during chilly days indoors, & something nice to look at when I turn to a favorite page.


I’m all about a good playlist. My friends & I always talk about taking road trips outside of our small New England town — Now is the perfect time to see some pretty spectacular Fall foliage. These routes make for a great day trip (or a cozy long weekend away). I’m ready to pack lots of snacks, crank up the tunes & watch the world fade away in my rearview mirror. With nothing to think about except for the road ahead of me, it’ll be that much easier to clear my mind of all the excess day-to-day junk & be fully in the moment.


Where I live, it’s hard to turn down any main road without passing a local farmer’s market. Some sell flowers, produce, baked goods, & old vintage finds. I always drive past them, too focused on my current destination, & promise myself that I’ll return next week when I have the time. But when will I ever find the time to do the things that I keep putting off, pushing further down on my to-do list until I give up and erase them altogether? This Fall, I’m embracing the idea of spontaneity (a horrifying concept for someone who writes lists for her lists in her daily planner). If I drive past a pretty brick wall or see the sun hit a nearby stream juuust right, I’ll stop & take a picture — No questions asked. At the next farmer’s market I see, which happens to be walking distance from where I live, I plan on picking up at least a few goodies to take home with me.


My roommates & I share a slow cooker in our apartment that has so far gone untouched. As the days get shorter & nights get cooler, Fall is the perfect time to experiment with new recipes — Especially a good soup that can warm you from the inside out. 🙂 I’m hoping to try out one of these crockpot recipes & incorporate them into my weekly food routine of shopping, prepping, & snacking. Slow cooker baked ziti?! Say no more.

Planning out new goals is never an easy task. It’s hard to be realistic with our time, resources, & ourselves when it comes to actually following through on what we set out to achieve. This season, instead of clinging to old, & possibly unhealthy habits, I’m hoping to adopt small changes in my routine — & fall into positive results.

x Lyss



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