Plugged In: 5 Podcasts For Your Monday

For a few weeks last summer, I had an hour-long commute to work at the hospital. My schedule was all over the place – sometimes I’d have to be up at 5 AM to leave my house & other days I’d be starting an overnight shift at 11 PM while most (sane) people were getting ready for bed. To keep me awake during those long drives, I started listening to podcasts.

Now, I’m obsessed. I’ve listened to so many podcasts that they’ve started to come up in daily conversation – explaining the pros & cons of empathy in the healthcare field to my clinical instructor, discussing the possibility of RoboCops in the future over dinner with friends, sharing my ideas for this very blog after listening to a podcast by The Balanced Blonde. I know, it’s kind of obnoxious to interject with something along the lines of, “Okay, but on this podcast I listened to recently, they said…” BUT, I don’t really mind. 😉

I try to start my day with a podcast that’s news-themed, like The Daily, or I’ll listen to music I might not have heard otherwise – independent bands from the Seattle & San Francisco music scenes, or crazy punk & techno-pop stuff from overseas. On “off days” I’ll plug into an episode by my favorite wellness blogger for some much-needed life/health/happiness inspo. That’s what I love most about podcasts – they present us with unlimited opportunities for learning, thinking, & hearing perspectives from (pretty much) anyone.



This is how news should sound. Michael Barbaro hosts this 25-minute podcast powered by the New York Times. Monday through Friday, he breaks down one or two major headlines & investigative stories so that you get the gist of what’s going on, without feeling overwhelmed by information.


Features independent artists from the Pacific Northwest, & all over the world. This is a great podcast to put on while driving or for some background noise while you’re cleaning the apartment (that’s what I do, at least). I’ve discovered really cool, unique sounds on their shows & there’s definitely something to be heard by everyone.


I LOVE this podcast. It’s one that I used to listen to during my long runs because its topics are always super random – but so interesting. Each episode covers a different topic. I’ve listened to explanations of nude beaches, the history of beer, how to win rock, paper, scissors, & the ethics of Victorian-age beheadings… just to name a few.


Jordan Kreuger of The Balanced Blonde created this podcast as a way to connect with other wellness influencers & share ideas. If you’re into (or have ever wondered about) Ayurvedic medicine, chakras, energy healing, or natural supplements, this is a good pick for you. Jordan also gets real with her listeners by sharing her personal journey, struggles with an eating disorder, & the roadblocks she’s overcome to build her brand.


The first time I listened to this, host & registered dietician Christy Harrison told her listeners that sometimes choosing a cheeseburger over an apple is the better choice. I was instantly hooked. Her podcast deals a lot with intuitive eating & breaking down the idea of what is “healthy” or not. In a world full of restrictions & body-shaming, Christy’s words reassure us that balance is key.

What podcasts have you been listening to?

Share in the comments below!

x Lyss

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