Speak Loudly: Daily Affirmations & Finding Your Inner Truth

During weeks like these — the kind where classes aren’t canceled despite snow-covered roads & it feels as though the weekend may never arrive — it’s easy to feel worn out & less than our best selves. The days might be getting longer, with the promise of Spring around the corner, but sometimes there just aren’t enough hours (or motivation) within us for all the goals we’ve set out to tackle. Maybe we tried waking up earlier, started plugging in Ted Talks & podcasts during our morning commute, or cut out all distractions (looking at you — Twitter, Fb, Pinterest, Instagram) in an attempt to increase our own productivity. Now, it’s time to think differently.

Is it possible that an answer to the winter blues can be found in what we are doing right, instead of what we’re not?


Affirmations, or statements used to build & reinforce confidence, sound like something my hippie English teacher in high school might have told me to do — that standing in front of a mirror & saying, “I’m beautiful,” every morning would somehow make my problems go away. But can repeating a word or phrase to ourselves repeatedly have any major impact on our daily lives? Is it that easy to speak our inner thoughts & desires into reality? Actually, there’s a lot more to it than just the words themselves.

Whether we are aware of it or not, our minds are constantly taking in new information & experiences that (over time) become our personal truths. You can probably still remember the first time your parents told you they were proud — & what you did to earn that praise. Similarly, psychologists relate adult fears & mental roadblocks back to childhood memories that first spurred them. We constantly take in small observations of ourselves & the world around us through our daily experiences — these subconscious truths become the basis of our own self-identity. By choosing the right words to define ourselves, we have the power to re-shape the way we believe in ourselves, too.

Next time you find yourself stuck in a winter slump, try one of these self-affirmations —

  1. I love my body & all it does for me.
  2. I speak with a kind tongue & see with compassionate eyes.
  3. I am in the process of achieving all my goals. I am grateful, I am blessed.

There may be some truth in the saying that, “You are what you think.” Find a daily affirmation that speaks closely to you, or the version of yourself you’d like to be. By shouting to the universe that we can (& we will!), we may start to believe in it for ourselves… Even on the days when we’d rather stay in bed. 😉

x Lyss


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