Sweet For The Soul: 5 Ways To Use Honey Every Day

It’s that time of year again — flu season is in full swing & for the next few months you’ll find me taking long, hot showers after clinical days in the hospital, scrubbing away just to be safe. Is it just me, or does everyone seem to be getting sick this year?

When life gets busy, we may not find ourselves consciously thinking about ways to stay healthy during these winter months. This semester has been a far lighter workload for me than others, but I’m already feeling overwhelmed with NCLEX prep, (real, adult!) job applications, & trying to squeeze out every last moment of carefree-college-fun while I can.

Putting too much on our plates can lead to burnout, creating lasting negative effects on our health we might not even be aware of. That’s why it’s so important to rest up when necessary & give our bodies what they need in order to function at their best. Thankfully, one of the sweeter things in life can also be beneficial in many (other) different ways.sonja-langford-313.jpgYour secret weapon for a healthy winter? Honey!

It’s long been known that raw honey is a natural healer — it’s full of enzymes, vitamins, & antioxidants that keep our hair strong, skin hydrated, & tummy feelin’ happy. Honey’s antibacterial & anti-inflammatory properties are especially useful if you’ve got a cough you can’t seem to kick or to give your immune system an extra jolt. Savor something sweet & reap all the benefits —



There are so many ways to incorporate honey into a beauty routine during the harsh winter months. Try a DIY lip scrub, hair mask, or face wash made with all-natural ingredients. Apply 1 tsp of honey as a face mask for 30 minutes before bed to wake up with a healthy glow. 😉 Or, mix it with tea tree oil to clear up blemishes — the combo works like magic.  


Add honey to plain Greek yogurt or a hot cup of oatmeal for a homemade remedy for all kinds of digestive problems, which can be especially helpful during (this particularly bad) flu season. While it isn’t a cure-all, honey is gentle on the stomach & helps to reduce inflammation, relieving aches & cramps as needed.  


Consuming honey every day is like creating wellness from within. Honey’s antioxidant properties & vitamin content neutralize free radicals to keep your immune system strong, especially when it needs to put up a fight. Combine honey with cinnamon to shorten the length of a cold or to prevent a future one.


Ever been the one who can’t stop coughing during in public? Save yourself from the awkward stares by adding a spoonful of honey to morning tea. Your sore throat (& the family sitting next to you) will thank you.


One of the worst parts about winter is having to lace up my sneakers — or slip on my clogs 😉 — & get to the gym or on the road while it’s still dark out. Luckily, honey serves as an all-natural energy snack. Stir it into peanut butter & top it on whole-grain crackers or an apple for quick carbohydrates to get you through even the longest of mornings.

Anyone who knows me also knows that I am not a sugar person, but I do drink (just about) three cups of green tea & honey on any given day. Try incorporating honey into your own daily diet & beauty routine for something that’s sweet like candy — & is good for you, too.

x Lyss

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