Positive & Passionate: What It Means to Shine From Within



In yoga, warrior poses are used to increase endurance, strength, & patience — It’s all about settling into what’s uncomfortable & finding your calm within the storm. We can translate this practice into our daily lives when we’re hit with tough times & find it hard to accept the things we can’t control. We are warriors every day, even if we don’t always realize it. As you swing your arms up & back through these poses, opening your heart through the motions, imagine yourself swinging a sword at whatever obstacles may stand in your way. Are you caught up in negative thinking? Overwhelmed by work or school? Facing tough decisions & feeling lost in the midst of it all? In times like these, remember to call upon your inner strength (it’s been there all along).


When we build our strength from the inside out, it creates a ripple effect that flows into all other aspects of our lives. Choose to be a warrior not only for yourself but for all those around you. Be passionate in all that you do — write words that inspire, share messages of hope, & celebrate even the smallest of victories. Most importantly, teach others how to harness their own inner warriors by empowering them to tackle their fears, dream big, & keep the positive message going. Once you realize that the light you’ve been searching for has always been inside of you, the possibilities of how you choose to use that energy are endless.

Feeling lost? Trust me, I’ve been there. Here are a few tips on how to get started —


Each day, remind yourself that you’re killin’ it in everything you do, even when you’re feeling the opposite. Leave a positive note on your mirror or save one to your phone — fill your space with encouraging words wherever you’re likely to encounter them most often. Some ideas include “I am at home in my body, all is well” or “I am open to new & wonderful changes”. It may feel silly at first & it may take time to believe that you’re worthy of such constant praise, but it will get easier to stop the negative talk inside your head.


On my worst days, I’d rather stay in bed & isolate my thoughts rather than feel like a burden on those I love. I’ve learned that sometimes feeling better is as simple as getting outside & doing the things you’d normally do — fake it till ya make it. Grab a cup of coffee with that friend you always say you’re going to catch up with, but never get around to. Join a new workout class at the gym, or strike up a conversation with a friendly-looking stranger. Studies show that spending at least 15 minutes a day connecting with others can boost your self-esteem and help speed recovery from major depression.


Take out your headphones on your next commute or walk to class & try smiling at least to one person on the way. Maybe they just spilled coffee on their pants, fought with a friend, or overslept before an important meeting. We could all use a pick-me-up to make it through the day — smile even when you have nothing to smile about, to remind yourself that great moments don’t always last, but the bad ones don’t either.

As a nursing student, we’re taught to care for ourselves before we can take care of others. Instead of hiding behind negativity & self-doubt, challenge yourself to settle in when things get uncomfortable, find your strength, & shine from within.

x Lyss

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