Spring Cleaning For The Soul: How To Make (& Use) A Vision Board

We’re (already!) almost halfway into 2018. For some, maybe this is a moment of crossroads or feeling caught between the end of one thing & the start of another. For others, this midpoint marks the perfect time to sit down & reevaluate the goals & resolutions we set out to accomplish at the start of this year. Where are you in your personal / health / professional / spiritual journey now that you weren’t five months ago?

Maybe you promised yourself you’d run every day but got hit with a pulled hamstring & have had trouble getting your rhythm back since. Have you finally worked up the nerve to apply for your dream job / internship, or called that old friend you’d been meaning to grab coffee with? Are you sleeping better, reading more, or fluent in a foreign language yet? We tell ourselves that we’ll find time for all of these things, but end up beating ourselves when life (inevitably) gets in the way. Our schedules, responsibilities, & experiences are fluid & constantly changing each day — Our goals should be, too!

Take a moment to remind yourself that even the best-planned ideas require adjustments at times. It’s normal (& healthy!) for your goals to evolve with you. My only resolution at the start of 2018 was to focus on my mental health. I found that re-incorporating exercise, medications, & therapy into my routine helped me to be me again, but I was still missing a sense of fulfillment — urgency, passion, hunger — in my life. I had to take a step back & ask myself what I really wanted.

What would you do differently in the next month, year, or the rest of your lifetime? How are you going to make your dreams a reality — once you’ve decided what those might be? Thinking about the future is overwhelming, but I’ve found that channeling these thoughts into creative projects is a productive (& fun!) way to simplify them. Maybe you enjoy music, movies, crafting, or baking. For me, putting pen to paper — or fingers to keyboard keys — is the only time I’m completely honest with myself, & my nightly scroll through Instagram lets me envision the life that I want to curate.

Don’t know where to start? A vision board is an easy way to gather all of the words, figures, images, & ideas that inspire you & put them into one place. What might start out as an art project quickly becomes a collection of your personal truths, inner monologue, & the elements of life that make you happiest. Go ahead — Grab the magazine clippings, scissors, & tape. Start working towards your next set of goals.


Think about the parts of your life that are most important to you — friends, family, health, career, relationships. Are any of these areas no longer serving you in a positive way? What adjustments can you make to ensure that you’re getting the most out of what’s around you? Set a timer for 10 minutes & write down whatever comes to mind. Now, fine-tune your thoughts & highlight what really stands out to you — This is what you’ll want to focus your goals around. Putting pen to paper helps turn abstract ideas into something more concrete & identifies what you really want for yourself.


Turn off the TV & put the GroupChat on silent — Unplug for an hour (or more). Put on a favorite playlist & start scrolling through old magazines / Pinterest boards for images that go along with the list of goals you’ve written down. Vision boards are creative projects that don’t need be taken literally — “Run a 5K” doesn’t mean you need to search the internet for pictures of sneakers to include. Instead, let your ideas serve as abstract inspiration, the basis for what things make you happiest just by thinking about them.


If you’re more into feeling organized, then you might prefer your vision board to be neatly separated into sections or categories, with images evenly spaced & fonts of similar sizes. Or, you might decide to mix all the pictures together into a beautiful mess that’s all your own. 😉 Either way, your vision board is all about what works & feels best for you. Feel free to experiment with different layouts & color/image combinations before breaking out the Mod Podge.


Display your finished vision board somewhere you’ll see it frequently, like on your bedroom wall or next to your desk at work. Remind yourself each day of where you see yourself & set mini-milestones to track your progress. The more mindful of your goals you are, the more likely you are to focus your daily energies on achieving them & attracting the people / resources necessary to make them happen. Make that phone call, book a plane ticket, set your alarm an hour earlier, & get bangs (if you really want to).

Get excited about the life you’re living.

x Lyss

(Feature Image Photo by Giulia Bertelli on Unsplash)


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