Monday Mood: 5 Feel-Good Stories To Start Your Week Right

What’s worse than the “Sunday Scaries”? Your Monday morning alarm.

It’s not always easy to start your week off on the right foot — especially after hitting “snooze” one too many times. Ever since graduating, I’ve definitely caught myself sleeping in later & later than I’d like to. There’s something about waking with the sun & birds chirping outside my window that makes me want to curl up & doze right back into dreamland. Whether your own morning routine consists of meditation & lemon water or scrolling through Twitter in bed for 30 minutes (me), a good dose of daily inspiration can’t hurt.

Over coffee, in your PJs, or stuck in rush-hour traffic — take a minute to catch up on these feel-good news stories & get excited for the day ahead.

Ever wonder how often you’re in the background of someone else’s photo-op? A married couple in China discovered that they’d taken photos of each other in the same location… 11 years before they met. Now that’s what I’d call fate.

John Mayer released the music video for his summer bop, “New Light” — According to Twitter, he made it with a company that usually does birthday & Bar Mitzvah videos. Listen for the catchy tune, stay for the endless memes.

Take this crystal quiz to find out what energies you’re in need of most. Are you lacking creativity, holding onto sadness, or afraid to speak the truth? There’s a stone for that. Place one under your pillow, in your pocket, or on your skin to reap the benefits.

Meet Gideon, the coolest nine-year-old ever. He started the blog, I’ve Pet That Dog, to share… you guessed it, pictures of the (many!) dogs he’s pet. Try not to audibly say, “awww” while scrolling through each post.

It’s only Monday, but maybe you’re already looking ahead to the weekend. On your next night in, up your comfort food game by pairing wine with mac & cheese — the adult way. Ya know, because there’s a refined way to do everything.

Who says all news has to give you a headache?

Happy reading,

x Lyss

Featured Image by Tyler Nix on Usplash

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