Happy Space: 5 Easy Indoor Plants To Try Now

Lots of big changes happening these days! After (finally!) passing my boards & becoming a fully-licensed nurse, I’m looking forward to a relaxing summer before starting my full-time job at the hospital in August. Up next — Moving into my first big-girl apartment with friends. I’ve already spent way too many hours updating Pinterest with home decorating ideas. I really love the minimal, industrial vibe combined with cool patterns & natural Scandinavian touches. If it’s got clean lines & bohemian textures, it’s got my name on it.

Creating a happy home doesn’t have to be hard work. It’s worth the extra time & effort to make our spaces feel our own, like hanging twinkle lights & tapestries to brighten dull walls or choosing the coziest comforters & throw pillows to curl up in after a loooong day. One of my favorite ways to brighten a room is by adding in lots of fun houseplants. Hang them, pot ’em, cover every corner with green. Looking for a low-maintenance home upgrade? Consider adding freshness to your home with a houseplant (or a few).


Besides serving as fun decorations & bringing an earthy feel to our homes, plants can improve our health, too. Houseplants absorb CO2 & other toxins in the air, purifying our living space so that we can breathe easy. These benefits are especially useful if you live in an urban-city area where you’re exposed to smog & other types of air pollution on a daily basis. Studies show that air toxins may cause symptoms such as throat irritation, dizziness, & headaches. Luckily, houseplants can keep your home & your body looking (& feelin’) good.


While the idea of overflowing your home with fresh plants sounds tempting, it’s best to find houseplants that require the least amount of upkeep — no one likes the look of rotten, yellow leaves hanging in the window. Like people, plants prefer things to be a particular way. Try to avoid overwatering them & if you’re unsure how much water is too much, most home & garden stores can help you out with more info on how to care for them. Once you’ve found the perfect spot to display your plant (by the sink, on a windowsill, in the hallway), try not to move or disturb it. Plants don’t like change & have trouble readjusting to new locations.

Channel your inner green thumb with these low-maintenance houseplant picks —


This well-recognized succulent comes in many sizes, growing up to three feet in height. With lots of sunlight & a little bit of water, aloe can easily make a statement in your home. As an added bonus, aloe vera leaves contain a gel that’s packed with vitamins & enzymes with healing properties for everything, from minor cuts to sunburns.


This plant lives in large & small amounts of sunlight, making it versatile for the home, office, or any space in need of a visual upgrade. Golden pothos removes air toxins such as formaldehyde, xylene, & carbon monoxide for increased mental clarity & respiratory health.


These spiky critters are perfect to hang from the ceiling in your kitchen, bedroom, or bathroom, bringing a bohemian vibe to the home. Spider plants love direct, bright light, so the closer you place them to windows & natural sunlight, the better.


Transport yourself to the lush greenery of the English countryside, without having to buy a plane ticket. Best in cooler temperatures, this plant is one of the best at air purifying & adds a subtle charm to any room. English Ivy should be confined to indoors only. It’s an invasive species that, when planted outside, will take over your yard & damage other plants surrounding it.


Give yourself a break with this houseplant, which removes air toxins emitted from electronic devices. Disconnect from iMessage for an hour, light a few scented candles & find the perfect spot for this year-round bloomer, preferably in a cozy, dimly-lit area.

This is my favorite time of year. As spring transitions into summer, the world seems to wake up again, ready for a fresh start. Now is a great time to update your own surroundings by filling every empty bookshelf, window, & quiet corner with a houseplant that’s as fun to look at as it is to maintain.

x Lyss

Featured Photo by Micheile Henderson on Unsplash

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