Your Fall Refresh: For The Girl Who Doesn’t Quite Have Her Sh*t Together

It’s the dog days of summer & I still can’t believe that fall is just around the corner. The changing of seasons always presents a time for reflection, consolidation, & planning ahead for whatever comes next. I can’t help but scroll through photos from my trip to France, days spent lounging by the pool, & all of the “firsts” that fell in between — a first date, my first apartment, the first day of working as a nurse. While summer only lasts a few months each year, it feels like so much has happened since it started & I know that I’ll look back on summer ’18 as one of the best.

As the days get shorter, life picks up again in the fall. We dust the sand off our legs & swap green juice for pumpkin spice — the slow ease of warm endless days gives way to school bus traffic & new sets of deadlines to meet. It’s a transition that feels jarring at times, but exciting nonetheless. Take the next few weeks to decide how you want to change with the seasons, not push against them.

We’ve heard of spring cleaning… it’s time to consider a fall refresh.

Look at your current routines. What’s working & what isn’t? Are you habitually showing up to work with only seconds to spare? Do you feel burnt out every day, but you don’t know why? Are you constantly misplacing things, but unsure where to start when it comes to getting organized? Sometimes, it only takes small changes to see a big difference in productivity, mood, & general well-being. Make a to-do list that you can hold yourself accountable for, then put your best foot forward.


As a basic rule of thumb, toss whatever makeup, hair, & skincare products you’ve owned for over a year. Next, organize by product type & separate everyday items from the rest. Consider buying wicker baskets or plastic shelves to sort it all out, so it’ll be easier to find when you’re in a rush. *BONUS* consider doing the same with other sources of household clutter, like office supplies, electronic devices, paperwork, & laundry.


Paying attention to a few small details here makes a huge difference. First, spray open surfaces with bathroom cleaner, letting it settle for a few minutes. In the meantime, use paper towels & glass cleaner on the mirror. Finally, wipe down the sink, counters, & tub with a damp sponge or washcloth — that wasn’t so bad, was it?


Take everything out — even the bottles of Kombucha hiding out back. Use all-purpose disinfectant (or make your own!) to wipe away old spills & clean any removable shelves in the sink or dishwasher. Separate dairy, condiments, produce, meat products, etc. so that everything has its place after your next Trader Joe’s trip.


Put extra shelf space in your dorm or apartment to good use by displaying potted plants, paperback books, candles, trinkets, photos, & whatever else you can think of. If you’re working in a room with smaller dimensions, install floating wall shelves to add character without taking up extra square footage. Make your space relaxing & your own.

Parting ways with summer doesn’t have to be painful. Cooler months & new opportunities are made easier by getting your SH*T together — these tasks are easy to do, & will leave you feeling ready for whatever life throws you next.

x Lyss

Featured Photo by Gades Photography on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “Your Fall Refresh: For The Girl Who Doesn’t Quite Have Her Sh*t Together

  1. Marjorie Sarasin says:

    Wow! You have given me a boost to my Fall Cleanup! Is this the same little girl I met when she was 6 years old? You have made me so proud, and you are so special! You have made my DAY! Send some pics of your apartment.



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