Fiercely Real: 4 Ways To Find YOUR Fit

I’m typing this post from the booth of my new favorite coffee shop, chai latte in hand — Something I haven’t done in a while. I’m finally off of new grad orientation as a Registered Nurse, working three nights a week at the hospital, catching up with friends & family, budgeting my money & my time, trying to squeeze all the last-minute Fall things in-between…

It’s been a lot. & I wouldn’t have it any other way.

But, I’m always so thankful to have this little blog of mine to come back to. Whether I’m in the thick of it & need a place to vent, or ready to kick back with the warm & fuzzy feels like today, I close my laptop hours later feeling better for it. Since starting The Fit Nurse, I’ve continued to ask myself — What does “Fit” mean to me? I’ve turned the word over & over in my head but each time I come up with a different answer.

Webster’s Dictionary defines it as:

FITNESS (noun)
fit·​ness | \ˈfit-nəs \

: the capacity of an organism to stay alive

& somehow all of my own thoughts seemed to blend together into one. Fit is one’s ability to survive (& thrive!) in any situation, under any circumstances. It’s digging deep when we’re running on empty. Embracing the #STRUGGLE & accepting what we cannot change. Finding the courage to speak up, get up, & do the things we love without fear of failure. It’s failing, then picking ourselves back up again.

I broke this concept down even further into four separate categories — Fitness of mind, body, heart, & soul. I took a hard look at myself & the way I choose to live; am I going through the motions just to get by, just to keep my head above water? OR, do I take things one step further by living in a way that cultivates my better self & gets me one step further toward my dreams? I hope that by following along on The Fit Nurse, you’ll find yourself asking these questions & more. Let’s get REAL, y’all —


We’re building & molding neural connections in the brain every day — Are you doing everything you can to keep your memory sharp & mind at ease? Make time for a mental check-in with yourself. As someone who has struggled with my own mental health, I know that it’s easy to let life stressors & negative thoughts build up until they spill over. Figure out how YOU let go & de-stress; & don’t be afraid to ask for help.


Raise your hand if you’re still learning to love yourself…✋ We’ve all been there. When I first stopped running over a year ago, I was so not used to having curves & a butt & soft parts in the middle. Even today, my body continues to change with my lifestyle — Now, I choose to get my burn on at Pure Barre & yoga classes but I’ve come to appreciate the “imperfections” I still see in the mirror. Make an effort to celebrate all your body does.


It’s true when they say that love finds it’s way into your life unexpectedly — But only when your heart is open to it. Do you feel loved & cared for? Are you sharing love generously with yourself & others, or holding back for fear of falling? It’s easy to let breakups, failures, & a lack of self-confidence define the course, but put a little faith in the universe & you’ll be surprised at what comes back.


Okay, I tried meditation for a week after reading The Buddha Walks Into A Bar… but it is definitely not for me. How do I find my inner calm in the chaos that surrounds me? Most of the time it’s as simple as listening to what my soul craves. I know that when I’m stressed I like to watch Friends & when I’m lazy I go for a run, or that when I’m bored I look at fun Airbnb’s. We all have different needs — Find the key to your zen.

What does Fit mean to you? Share your thoughts below!

x Lyss

Featured Image by Photo by Samuel Foster on Unsplash

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