All The Feels: Exploring Your Heart Chakra

For so long I kept my heart guarded. I hated being vulnerable, my stomach twisted in knots at the thought of it. We’ve all been there — It’s easier to cling to what’s familiar than to put your faith on the line & risk getting hurt in the process.

Last year, I allowed my heart to open. To new people, new challenges, new places & experiences… & as a result, I had one of the best years I can remember. I realized that good things don’t just land in your lap if you’re not already open to the possibility of them. It was only when I became comfortable in the uncomfortable that I began to understand, accept, & love myself fully. Only then did the right faces & opportunities show up right when I most needed them…

In traditional Western healing, the heart chakra is one of the seven major nerve centers in the body. These nerve centers direct the constant flow of energy which keeps the mind & body in alignment. When energy blocks occur, we may struggle with illness, pain, or other physical & emotional barriers as a result. People have turned to holistic therapies for thousands of years — what is your heart chakra telling you?


The fourth chakra is located in the chest & is our center for love & compassion. An energy blockage here may result in anxiety & heart palpitations, or an uncomfortable feeling of tightness in the chest. We might feel lonely, empty, or unable to move forward in our lives — stuck in one place & fearful of the future, something that most twenty-somethings have experienced at one point. On the other hand, when the heart chakra is open, we feel energized, ready for new opportunities, & at ease in our ability to forgive & let go. Now is a perfect time to check in with the heart chakra & find areas where we can improve. Ask yourself these questions — Do I feel loved & cared for? Am I sharing love generously with myself & others, or am I holding back in fear?

Make 2019 the year that you lean into change, let go, & open your heart to all the wildest possibilities. Let the walls crumble around you, I promise you won’t regret it.


First, evaluate where you are now versus where you’d like to be one year from now. Are you happy in your current home, career, or relationship? Is there something you’ve been hoping for, but haven’t found the courage to pursue? Meditate on these thoughts for a few moments & answer yourself without judgment. Then, create a plan of action — ask for that raise, buy the cheapest plane ticket you can find, browse apartment listings or repaint your bedroom. Not ready for a big change? Plan a date night (or a girls’ night) you can dress up for, spend the afternoon eating Chinese food & watching Game of Thrones, dance around the room in your underwear just because you feel like it. When you listen to your heart & give in without over-thinking, it’s easy to find joy in life’s simplest pleasures.


Winter’s not over yet, but it’s never too early for a spring clean. Step out of your leggings & chunky sweaters, wash the stack of dishes you’ve been putting off for days, open a window & let sunshine kiss the goosebumps on your skin. ‘Marie Kondo’ your home & life by getting rid of anything that no longer brings you joy — & focusing on what you’re grateful for instead. Take the upcoming change of seasons as an opportunity to chill the eff out & let go of every screw up, breakup, disappointment, & heartbreak weighing you down. Forgive — not for their sake, but for your own sanity. Forgive yourself for the thoughts that keep you up at night, the bitter taste of resentment you’ve swallowed for so long, the mistakes you’ve made over & over until you finally believed that you deserved better. Appreciate the stumbles that helped you stand taller today. It isn’t easy letting go, but after a cold winter, your heart is ready for a fresh start.


The next time you run into an old friend at the grocery store, set a date to catch up over coffee. Lift your eyes off the ground while you’re walking & send a warm nod or a smile to a stranger, instead of avoiding eye contact. Ask questions whenever you can. Call your parents more. Actually, you should probably go ahead & call them right now. Thank them for loving you unconditionally. Turn up the radio while you’re driving. Have your friends text you when they’re home. Walk outside more & stop to pet every dog along the way. Create, laugh, start all over again. Do the things you love without doubting yo’ damn self. Hold hands in public. Sleep late, especially on Sunday mornings. Eat the slice of birthday cake. Stretch. Make plans & stick to them. Check in with your friends, tell them how important they are. Open your heart & fill it up to the brim. Be generous in the love you give & you’ll never worry about running out.

x Lyss

Photo by Imani Clovis on Unsplash

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