HEY, EVERYONE! My name is Alyssa & I am a brand-spankin’ new Cardiac Nurse & recent UConn Grad. The Fit Nurse comes from my passion for all things health & wellness. This is where I combine my outside interests with personal experiences — I’m learning to find balance in my life while helping my patients to achieve their goals & better themselves, too.

Don’t let the title fool you — If you’re looking for a workout trainer or personal chef, you’ve landed in the wrong place. I’m not here to sell you on green juice or urge you to do one more burpee. The Fit Nurse is about breaking down the term “fitness” into its simplest form, one’s ability to survive (& thrive!) in any situation, under any circumstances. It’s digging deep when you’re running on empty. Embracing the #STRUGGLE & accepting what we cannot change. Finding the courage to speak up, get up, & do the things you love without fear of failure. It’s failing, then picking yourself back up again. Fitness of mind, body, heart, & soul.

I’ve created The Fit Nurse to be my safe haven — a space to share my own unique & authentic voice, where I can explore what inspires me & hopefully relate to some of you. Sometimes, after long night shifts spent charting, paging providers, & being my patients’ emotional support (& consuming LOTS of coffee in between!), I need a creative outlet to just let go & be 100% myself. If I’m not here, you can find me at the bedside, on the yoga mat, curled up in bed watching reruns of Friends, or claiming the last slice of pizza. 😉

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x Lyss